NYC releases coronavirus outbreak map

October 8, 2020 

New York City officials released a color-coded map on Wednesday to help New Yorkers track if they live in an area with a high concentration of the novel coronavirus.

The map breaks down the area into three zones -- red, orange and yellow -- which carry varying levels of restrictions.


Once residents enter their address, they will be able to see if they live, work or go to school in any of the zones, which will help them understand what restrictions may apply to them, if any.

"This one is big," Bill Neidhardt, Mayor Bill de Blasio's press secretary, tweeted. "Public health demands clarity and we're proud NYC is delivering this clear, easy to use map."


Officials have repeatedly warned that a large number of cases have specifically hit ZIP codes within Brooklyn and Queens the hardest.

Here is what each zone means and how it may apply to you:

Red zones:

Schools are already closed and nonessential businesses will close Thursday morning.

Restaurants are take-out only, and mass gatherings are prohibited.

Houses of worship must be capped at 25% capacity, with a maximum of 10 people allowed inside at one time.

Orange zones:

High-risk businesses, including gyms, are now closed and schools will close on Thursday morning.

Restaurants are only allowed to have outdoor dining, with a maximum of four people per table.

Gatherings must be kept to a maximum of 10 people, both indoors and outdoors.

Houses of worship must be kept at a 33% capacity, with a maximum of 25 people inside at one time.

Yellow zones:

Schools will remain open but must undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing.

All businesses will remain open, however, New Yorkers "are encouraged to take extra precautions."

Restaurants may operate both indoor and outdoor dining, with a maximum of four people per table.

Gatherings must be 25 people or less both indoors and outdoors.

Houses of worship are allowed to operate at 50% capacity.


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