True Americans Can Now Keep Themselves Private Online – Here’s What You Need To Know

It should come as no real surprise that in today’s world the chances of your internet usage being tracked is probably pretty high, I mean, it almost definitely is.

You can play naive and think it’s just advertising companies retargeting you after viewing an item on Amazon or eBay but you would be VERY wrong.

It’s difficult to determine exactly how much personal data the U.S government collects from our digital devices and internet usage, but any data in my opinion is too much!

We shouldn’t feel in a vulnerable and exposed position when browsing online and I’m pleased to say I’ve found just the thing to help put us true Americans back in control.

It’s a new iPhone privacy app by a company called TotalAV

They have long protected U.S internet users with enterprise-level security and their latest iOS release now includes a built-in feature that keeps your personal data both private and secure when you’re using the internet.

They encrypt your private information which hides your IP address keeping you anonymous online and helps conceal your online activity from your ISP (internet service provider), employer and even the U.S government.

It also has the added benefit of allowing you to freely access content online, circumvent censorship and help protect you against harmful malware threats.

Being one of the industry leading experts, they have a long reputation for providing users with exceptional security, and it is no surprise, millions of true Americans have already got their hands on the latest iPhone app.

Claim your copy today for just $2 and keep prying eyes and harmful threats away.

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